Okay, it’s my last veal recipe. Another chapter I’ve really enjoyed. Today, it’s Veal Stew. I had pieces of veal shoulder in my freezer from another recipe-I think it was a filling for ravioli.
For this recipe, you heat vegetable oil and butter. You then toss the veal pieces with flour, shake off the excess, then add them to the hot oil/butter. You brown until a deep brown, then remove the meat from the pan.
You then add a little chopped onion and sage leaves in the pan. The recipe calls for dried whole leaves. I couldn’t find any whole leaves, but I found dried that wasn’t rubbed, so it was in pretty large pieces. Cook until the onion is golden, then add the meat back to the pan, along with some white wine, salt, and pepper. Cook for an additional 45 minutes. You then add a little heavy cream, turn the heat to low, and cook another 30 minutes. A nice thing about this recipe is that Marcella says it can be made several days in advance.
I served mine with a nice Israeli couscous, that I cooked in chicken stock with a little sauteed onion and celery. I was planning on serving the stew with polenta until I discovered I was out. We loved the stew. The sage flavor is quite strong, so you need to like sage, but what a great combination of veal, sage, and cream.


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