Sorry, but today you don’t get to see any photos of our dinner we had last night. I forgot to take them at the beginning, then decided against just taking one or two. We had our last dinner in Bevagna, and decided to eat at Ottavius Ristorante. I had read a good review on SlowTrav, although I had read the service wasn’t good. Unfortunately, this was our least favorite meal so far. We didn’t have reservations, but that didn’t seem to be a problem as it was very slow. We were shown to our seats, and were not even given a moment to remove our rain coats before the hostess/waitress wanted to know what kind of water we want and shoved menus in our hands. There appeared to be only two people working. One, the Italian lady who wasn’t very friendly, and one very nice lady who also spoke some English. They didn’t have two of the things we had ordered from the menu, so after deciding again what to eat, I started with proscuitto and melon. Both were good, especially teh proscuitto. I think the menu said it was from Norcia. It’s not as delicate as Parma proscuitto, but I think I like the flavor better. Scott started with the Stringozzi pasta with Piccanti sauce. The pasta was really good, the sauce was just okay. Next, I had the Gnocchi al Sagrantino, which is their specialty. I have to say this dish was very good. The gnocchi was a little heavier than I prefer, but the sauce was perfect. Scott had the Scottadito di Agnello, and the lamb was just okay. Scott is o
n the search for the best Tiramisu, so he had to have this, and it was very good. With a 10E bottle of wine, and a bottle of water, the total was 57E.
I awoke again at 5:30am, which I’ve done most days here. Not really sure why, because I don’t get up at that time at home. I’ve been packaging up my goodies I’ve bought so far, and am wishing I’d brought more bubble wrap from home. Here’s my list of purchases so far:
Amarena Cherry Marmalade
Ground Black Truffle paste
Orange honey
Truffle honey
Truffled sauce
Fig jam
Fig confit (figs, chocolate, liquor)
Umbrian olive oil
1 bottle of Sagrantino wine
2 bags of Barlotti beans
Lenticchia(tiny lentils)
Farro Perlato
Farro Cannellini
Cannellini beans
Chicchi Bronzi Classici(at this store, she said it’s a tiny pasta that is added to risotto or cooked like risotto)
4 Pardi dish towels
2 Pardi runners
2 Pardi placemats
6 Pardi napkins
Considering it’s only a week into our vacation, I hope I have the room (and money) to bring back the wonderful things I’ll now find in Tuscany, then in Paris.
I don’t know if I will have internet access at our next apartment in Tuscany, and we’re there for 7 nights. Hopefully I will and you’ll keep hearing from me, but if you don’t, it means no internet access was available.


10-2-10 Leaving Bevagna — 2 Comments

  1. You’ll have some great meals with all of that stuff! You clearly aren’t in the ‘I pack everything in a carry on’ camp of slowtravel. LOL

  2. Love reading the daily posts. Thank you for taking the time. So interesting to read your purchases. i can just imagine the fun.