I took this picture yesterday about 7pm as my husband and I were hiking at the Eagle River Nature Center. The leaves are showing their full fall colors, and it was a beautiful evening.
I will be back to posting more food photos soon. It’s been busy, and I haven’t been too adventurous with my cooking lately. Saturday I’ll have a picture for PhotoHunt, and Sunday I’ll have our Sunday Small Plates, so be sure and join me again.



  1. That is gorgeous! I’m looking forward to more fall photos.
    Palma-Thanks. I can’t imagine not having fall. It’s usually pretty short-lived here, but this fall is turning out to be really nice and longer than normal.

  2. Cindy this photo is magical. It almost looks like an impressionistic painting. What a beautiful place. I like the sound of “autumn approaching”. Lovely.
    Barb-Thanks. The photo did turn out well. It’s so beautiful there I think it would be hard not to take a few good photos.

  3. Gorgeous! We’ll miss most of the fall colours when we’re in Greece but I guess we’ll survive . . . *smile*
    Jerry-I think I could miss the fall colors if I were in Greece also! Have a wonderful trip.