Okay, another week of not participating in PhotoHunt. I just wasn’t feeling creative. The theme for the week was “Plastic”. I didn’t have any appropriate photos, and thought I could take a photo this morning, but again, no creative juices were flowing. I’ve been quite depressed for the last two days-found out I need foot surgery. I have a condition called Hallus Limitis, with a bone growth or cyst on top of the bone. And when taking x-rays, they also found a fracture in my toe. Decent sized one too, and I have no idea how that got there. I am having a hard time getting a grip on the idea I need surgery. The surgery itself is very quick (40 minutes), but the recovery time is long. 1-2 weeks on crutches, then in a walking cast/boot for 6 weeks. Then because of still being swollen, will probably only be able to fit my foot into a tennis shoe for 2 weeks after that. Then into a shoe like a Dansko. And the surgeon said 2 weeks off work, and he’d like to see 3 weeks of only working 1/2 days. I hate that this is happening in the summer, when I’d rather be out walking, etc. But I guess that’s probably better than dealing with crutches/walking boot in the snow. Hopefully soon I’ll accept the idea that I have to have this done and can become more productive around here. 4 days off, and almost 2 have gone by, and I’ve accomplished not one single thing on my list of things to do this weekend. Oh, I guess I did accomplish a couple of things. I made a salad for dinner, but then found some frozen cookie dough in the freezer (chocolate mocha with chili pepper), which I sliced and baked. Ate 4 cookies which I had with a nice large glass of Cabernet. Yum! but how many calories did I just have?


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  1. Who cares how many calories that was – you deserve all of them!
    I have had life-long foot problems. When I was 13, I had surgery for flat feet and was in casts for a couple of months. And I have to be very careful of the shoes I wear – must have lots of arch support, even all of these years later.
    Anyway, I understand foot problems, and I sympathize. It’s hard when the rest of your body is really healthy and raring to go, and your feet won’t let you.
    Have you talked to a second doctor to see if there are other alternatives?

  2. Plastic was a tough theme. I also almost did not participate until I found my Torino photos.
    I am so sorry to hear that you need to have surgery on your foot. I hope you are not in too much pain. Salad and cookies sound like a good distraction.
    Take care and I hope the surgery goes well.

  3. Thanks girasoli and Nancy. Nancy-I have not yet talked to another doctor. This just happened at the end of last week. I’m going to see if I can get in with another this week. Everything I’ve read on line supports what the dr said, and although he’s a podiatrist, he is board-certified in foot and ankle surgery, so that’s good. The biggest reason I need to have the surgery is to remove what looks like a cyst in the xray. It’s colored a little different than normal, and although he’s not worried about it, he kept saying he doesn’t like the way it looks.