I’m unavailable for a week or two, and have scheduled a few posts, but bear with me, I’ll be back to posting soon.


DON’T GO AWAY – I’LL BE BACK — 5 Comments

  1. Cindy, I hope you are still enjoying your time on Maui. It has been gorgeous,hasn’t it?
    Me and Bill loved meeting you and Scott, and hope to repeat it soon.

  2. Candi- it was really nice meeting you and Bill also. Yes, we’ve been enjoying the sunny days. Off to the beach again today.
    Barb-thanks, I will enjoy it. We’re in Maui for a while longer, back home for a week, then I’m going to a meeting in Cincinatti then to Springfield, Missouri to visit my Mom and sister and her family.

  3. Enjoy the warmth and the beautiful beaches!! You definitely deserve it after your long cold winter. Glad the weather has been nice for you.

  4. Just cheecking if you were blogging from Maui. No blog means you are having fun! Enjoy!