I can’t remember if I’ve ever shown this photo before, but I got tired of going through the entries on my blog looking for it. This photo was taken a couple of years ago, showing our nice catch of salmon. The salmon are Coho (silver) Salmon, and there are 3 rockfish shown also.
We try to eat all of the fish we catch. We vacuum pack it, then freeze it, and it stays good all year. It’s a good thing that summer season is short around here.



  1. I envy your access to such fresh fish. I grew up in a fishing village and we only ate fish (my father cooked it) that had been caught and landed that day. We were lucky also to have lived 20 years in Venice, where the variety and freshness and flavor of the fish in the market could not be surpassed and rarely matched elsewhere. Now my main source of fish is Whole Foods. Victor has made friends with the people behind the fish counter and they won’t sell him anything that hadn’t arrived that day. Do you have a special freezing technique? I am astounded by the cooking you do. Fondly, Marcella
    Marcella: I’m honored you visited my blog. We are very lucky to have access to the fish and seafood we do. As far as freezing, with fish we have a FoodSaver vacuum packer we use. The fish are bled as soon as we catch them, then placed on ice. They’re filleted usually that evening, when we’re still out on the boat. When we get home, they are vacuumed packed with the skin left on. For our shrimp, as soon as we pull the pots, we pull the heads off and then put them on ice. When we get home they are put in baggies and then covered with water and frozen. The fish and shrimp keep very well this way, although I also can salmon each year. The jars of salmon we can are great for salmon salad or salmon patties, or in salmon chowders.