Saturday was Valentine’s Day. I was originally supposed to be out of town, but my trip got cancelled and so I decided to cook my husband a special dinner. I’ll show photos and post recipes beginning tomorrow, but today, I’ll just share with you what I fixed and show you the beautiful roses that my husband brought home to me that evening.
We started off the evening with Chocolate Raspberry Martinis. Our first course was Caprese Salad with a crusty baguette. The unique thing about this salad is that I made the Mozzarella. I decided to start with early with the Curds Our Whey cheesemaking group. For our main course, I made fresh pasta that was served with a Rabbit Ragu. Then for dessert, we had mousse-chocolate on the bottom, with strawberry on top. All served with a delicious Napa Valley wine from Sawyer Vineyards. We had our dinner next to the fireplace, so it was a nice romantic evening filled with good food and good company.



  1. Those are indeed lovely roses, I am very fond of the ones with variegated tips. And I am also looking forward to some cheesey pictures.

  2. Deborah-Can’t take a photo of the roses opening-they never did. Instead, the outer leaves began to turn brown. My husband called the flower shop today, and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any purchases, so I got a new bunch of roses today. These are half yellow, half lavender. Hope they open.

  3. Anne-I’ll post a photo tomorrow as long as the pic turns out okay. The new ones are beginning to open up now. They’re not as pretty of roses as the first ones, but they’re doing a lot better as far as staying alive.