I’m ready for summer. It’s been a long winter here in Alaska, and unfortunately, we still have several more months to go before even Spring is here. I love to garden, and some of my favorite flowers are roses, peonies, and lilies.
We cannot grow hybrid tea roses where I live, and David Austin’s are nearly impossible also. Rugosas do very well here. Although they don’t make the best cut roses, they have tons of blooms and have a wonderful fragrance.
This is a photo is from my garden, of a Rugosa named “Hansa”. I have to keep looking at photos like this to remind myself that warmth and green will be here soon (okay, not that soon-4 months until we can plant, maybe 5 until I’ll see some blooms).



  1. Beautiful photo, Cindy.
    Keep up those positive thoughts – spring will come, spring will come . . .

  2. Palma-I sure wish I could visit. I’m having a very tough time this winter. I’ve got to go to Seattle for work, and decided to fly first to see a friend in Portland. Might not be warm and sunny, but will at least be warmer than here.

  3. I am always ready for summer. I am really a warm-weather girl. And that darn Groundhog said there will be 6 more weeks of winter! 🙁