Wow, this is my last post in the vegetable chapter. This chapter went by fast. The recipe today is Mixed Baked Vegetable Platter. This is a very simple side dish. Potatoes are washed and cut into wedges, peppers are cut into wedges and peeled, and tomatoes and onions are cut. These are all tossed with olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and cooked into a 400 degree oven until all is tender.
I cook vegetables like this all of the time, but each time I follow Marcella’s directions, I learn something new. I’ve never peeled my bell peppers before baking or roasting. It’s really easy with a vegetable peeler, and not having the skin on them makes them so much more pleasant to eat, and it’s easier than peeling after they’re cooked. This side dish would go well with so many entrees. I will be making it again with the Roasted Chicken.

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