I made this recipe back at the beginning of November. I recieved some escarole in my CSA box, and thought I’d give this a try. I know I’d used escarole in a soup before, but it’s not something I’ve had many times. Marcella says it’s related to chicory, and says that the bland flavor it has when raw develops and turns into a tart, earthy flavor when cooked.
This recipe, called a torta, is a bread dough shell, filled with a filling of the cooked escarole, which is mixed with other savory ingredients. It is like a stuffed pizza.
You start by making the bread dough. It’s a simple dough that contains flour, salt, black pepper, yeast, water and olive oil (or lard). The dough rises a couple of hours, and in the meantime you can make the filling. The filling contains the escarole, which is boiled to cook it first, garlic, capers, black Greek olives, anchovies, and pine nuts.
When the dough has risen, you divide it. 2/3 you roll into a round and place in a buttered spring-form pan. The filling is then placed inside, then the remaining dough is rolled out and then placed on top. The seams are sealed, and it’s then placed in a hot oven to bake.
I loved the dough, and I will most certainly make that again. The filling was very flavorful, but it just wasn’t my favorite. Not sure why. If you like the ingredients the filling contains, then by all means give this recipe a try. I can’t wait to think of other things I will fill this with. It’s a pretty presentation, and can be served hot or at room temperature.

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