Today’s recipe is Pork Sausages with Red Wine and Porcini Mushrooms. I don’t cook or eat sausages very often. While they might taste good, they are often very fatty, and just not worth the calories that they contain. If you’re in the mood for sausages, and want to try a really good recipe, then try this one.
Both my husband and I love porcini mushrooms. On our trip to Italy this fall, we brought back a couple of bags of really nice, large, high-quality ones that I was anxious to use. They were perfect in this dish.
The recipe calls for mild pork sausage, containing no herbs or strong spices. You know, the kind that you just can’t seem to find in America. I used a sausage that was made fresh from a local place that makes sausages, but they did contain spices. Quite a bit of paprika, unfortunately. But you make do with what you can…
You brown the sausages well in olive oil. Then you add some red wine, and cook until the wine is evaporated. You then add reconstituted porcini mushrooms, along with the liquid they were soaking in (which you’ve strained several times to get out the grit that’s always there). After this is added, you slowly simmer until the liquid has evaporated. That’s it! It couldn’t be any easier. I served mine over mashed potatoes. What a very good, comforting meal this was. Thanks, Marcella, for another simple, but delicious recipe to try.

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