You’ve now seen two posts from the Beef Chapter, but this is my first. It’s always exciting to move on to a new chapter. I like beef, but I don’t eat it often. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, my freezer is too full of fish and shrimp to buy too many sources of other proteins. So this is a very nice change of pace for me.
My first recipe was a very quick and simple recipe-Pan-Broiled Thin Beef Steaks with Tomatoes and Olives.
Marcellas states that the beef slices are very thin, and made even thiner by pounding them before cooking. This makes them cook very quickly. I used a boneless chuck, and cut the steaks myself, then flattened them.
The sauce is made by slowly cooking sliced onions in olive oil until a pale golden color. Sliced garlic is then added, and then tomatoes and oregano. This simmers about 15 minutes, then salt, pepper, and Greek black olives are added.
Next, a heavy skillet is heated until it’s very hot, rubbed with some oil, then the thin beef steaks are added. They cook very quickly until just browned on each side.
The meat is then placed in the pan with the sauce, turned over to coat, and placed on a platter to serve.
I really enjoyed this recipe. I don’t know that I’ve ever pounded beef pieces to thin them out. (I know, just like my veal, I probably didn’t get them thin enough.) It’s a great way to have a piece of meat that cooks in seconds or minutes. And the sauce is flavorful with the slowly cooked onions and flavorful Greek olives. I’d definately add this recipe to the file to make again.

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