It’s my turn to move on to veal. This recipe is another very simple recipe, with few ingredients-vegetable oil, butter, veal, flour, salt, pepper, and Marsala wine. In the Fundamentals chapter of her book, Marcella discusses Veal Scaloppine. She says the problem is finding a butcher who knows how to cut it properly. So she prefers to buy a solid piece of meat, a top round, and cut and pound it yourself. I bought the veal top round, and followed her directions for slicing the meat across the grain, then pounding it thin so it will cook quickly and evenly. I don’t know if I did it perfectly, but it seemed to work nicely.
So back to the recipe. You heat butter and oil in a skillet. When hot, you dredge both sides of the scaloppine in flour, shake off the excess, and place in the skillet. Brown about 30 seconds on each side. Remove from pan, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and continue cooking pieces until all of the meat is cooked.
You then turn the heat to high, add Marsala wine, and deglaze the pan. Add a little butter, and place the scaloppine back in the skillet. Turn them a couple of times to coat them with the sauce, and that’s it-they’re ready to enjoy.
I served mine with a green salad, and a celery risotto. Very quick, and very delicious.

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