As you’re reading this, I’m vacationing in Italy, hopefully enjoying some wonderful rabbit there. I made this recipe before I left, and it was such a wonderful recipe.
Marcella says that her father lived in town in Italy, but also had a farm. On his visits to the farm to inspect it, the peasant farmers would kill a chicken or rabbit and cook it for dinner. This recipe is the way they would cook the rabbit. It is a very simple recipe to make, and one that really brings out the flavor of the rabbit.
Oil, celery, garlic, and the cut up rabbit are all placed in a large saute pan, and the lid is placed on. The heat is turned to low, and the meat is occasionally turned. You cook it, stewing in its own juices, for about 2 hours. You then add white wine, rosemary sprigs, salt and pepper. Simmer briefly, then dissolve a bouillon cube and tomato paste in a little water, and add to the meat. Simmer another 15 minutes, turning the chicken a few times. And that’s it!
To me, it was the addition of the tomato paste that really added flavor to this dish. It didn’t overpower the dish, just added to the complexity with with rosemary and bouillon. If you’ve never had rabbit, give it a try. It is a very delicious thing!

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