Once again, you get to hear me say that this is a fantastic recipe and you should give it a try. Today’s recipe is Asparagus Sauce wtih Ham and Cream, which Marcella suggests is best served over penne pasta.
I fixed another pasta dish 2 days ago that was rich and full of cream. I wasn’t looking forward to this dish tonight, as I really wasn’t in the mood for something heavy. Was it heavy? Not really. Was it heavenly? Absolutely!
This dish was so quick and easy to make. I had it on the plate in under 30 minutes, probably more like 20 minutes. What other dish that tastes heavenly, a combination of sweet butter, creamy whipping cream, salty ham and parmesan, and that more astrigent taste of asparagus, can you prepare in such a short time period?
The process here is cook asparagus in boiling water until tender. Remove from pan, cool, and slice into small pieces. Drain water from pan, dry, and then in the same pan add butter and sliced ham. Cook a couple of minutes, and add the chopped asparagus. After a minute or so, add heavy cream and cook a minute or two until reduced. Add this along with grated parmesan cheese to the cooked pasta and toss until thoroughly combined. YUM!!! I enjoyed my plate with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Another one to add to the recipe file of definately make again.

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