The theme for this week’s PhotoHunt is “Upside-Down”. I didn’t take this photo-the camera was mounted on the Bi-plane. But the photo is of my husband during one of his many skydives. He was jumping out of a bi-plane, which turned upside-down, and then he was able to drop from the plane. He made over 800 jumps during his time, and gave it up a few years ago. And yes, I’ve jumped-6 times. And you couldn’t pay me to do it again!



  1. Holy Moly that is amazingly scary to me. You have jumped as well. Cindy you are one very very brave soul. Great photo!

  2. Love the photo even though I’m typing this with sweaty hands due to my fear of heights.
    I’m impressed that you have jumped six times. Brava!

  3. Hi Cindy, wow, this is an amazing photo and perfect for this week’s theme.
    I’m with everyone, you and your husband are two very adventurous and brave individuals.
    Have a great Sunday!