Last night I discovered that Barb of Follow my Bliss had given me an award – the Fab-u-lous Blog Award. Thank you Barb. As a winner of this award, I am to talk about 5 things I think are fabulous, then pass the blog award on to 5 other bloggers.

5 Things I Think Are Fabulous
1. Bella, my Westhighland Terrier Puppy. She is sometimes a handful, but she’s just 6 months old so that is to be expected. She is a very lovable, sweet puppy that I adore.
2. The views in Alaska where I live. I’ve lived here almost 12 years, and am still in awe by the beauty that surrounds me here.
3. My Bialetti Moka Express espresso maker. I bought this when I returned from Italy a couple of years ago, but rarely used it. Then a few weeks ago I began making myself a latte in the morning, and I am addicted. Of course, I have to have the expensive Illy coffee to go in it.
4. Bruschetta-I don’t think there is anything much better than a piece of toasty crunchy bread, drizzled with olive oil and topped with chopped tomato and basil.
5. Last, but not least, a bottle of fabulous red wine to go with that bruschetta. Or if it’s hot outside, maybe a bottle of nice Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc.
The 5 people I’d like to pass this award along to are:
Candi of Candi’s Corner: Wonderlust and Passions
Sandi of Whistlestop Cafe Cooking
Marta of Postcards From the Trail
Deborah of Old Shoes-New Trip
Michelle of Chocolate and Marmalade Tea



  1. Hmmm, thanks, I think!
    I’m going to have to take this assignment seriously. And the problem will be narrowing it down to only five things.

  2. Cindy~ thank you! I love your list of fabulousnesses.
    I’ll have to think on this a minute.

  3. Hey Cindy! Thank you so much for this wonderful award!! I got the message from Sandi at Whistlestop. Hope you’re not having trouble contacting me. 🙁 Anyway, I will post this on my next blog. Thank you! Thank you!!
    Michelle 🙂

  4. Cindy Ruth, I’m so happy to see your five choices. Narrowing it to five is hard when we know such great bloggers. I really like who you’ve chosen.

  5. Thanks everyone. You’re right Barb, it is hard to narrow it down. And I was trying not to choose any that you had. I spent a lot of time on Palma and Jerry’s blogs, so I’m glad you chose them.