This photo was taken on Dec. 6th. Bella is just over 11 weeks old. She is settling nicely into her new home. She is still a very curious puppy who likes to chew on things she shouldn’t, and isn’t completely keen on the idea of “housetraining”. But she already has learned the commands sit and down (although she still has to have a food treat to do the down). And most nights, she quietly goes into her crate for the evening. Unfortunately for us, we still have to set the alarm for around 3am to take her out, then she wakes back up around 6:30am and wants up. I gave her a bath this week, which didn’t go too bad, and she was so sleepy afterwards she let me brush every part of her, including her face. She is a very sweet girl, who I know is going to be a great addition to our family (she already is).


UPDATE ON BELLA — 6 Comments

  1. She’s adorable! A Westie, right? Sammi read your entry over my shoulder and said, “Well, she’s already smarter than our dog.” 🙂

  2. Thanks everyone, I sure think she’s cute. I was gone Mon-Fri of this week, and it was so good seeing her when I got back. Kim, yes, she’s a Westie. She went to the vet on Fri, and she’s now up to 5 pounds. Deborah, I don’t know if she’s getting anything for Christmas. This afternoon my husband and I made a stop at Petco and she got 2 more new toys.