I came home tonight after flying to Fairbanks for the day for work. I was craving meat, which I rarely crave. I looked in the freezer, and found a package of thin steaks a friend had given me. I thought they were caribou, then discovered they were venison, brought back from their trip to Minnesota. I thawed them in the microwave, and began to fix a quick dinner for myself (my husband is out of town tonight). I browned them in a skillet, with just a little salt and pepper, and olive oil. Then I made a quick pan sauce, using some veal demi-glace, and some spiced cherry jam I made last summer. Then I steamed some broccoli for the side. The combination of the sweet and spicy of the jam, along with the gameiness of the meat was really good. Nice to be able to throw together something in about 15 minutes.

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