I’m a Sales Consultant living with my husband in Eagle River, Alaska. I love food-reading about it, cooking it, eating it, and sharing it with others.

Other things I enjoy are gardening, drinking wine, entertaining, and reading. We’ve lived in Alaska for 18 years, and I’m still in awe every day over the beauty of this state.


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  1. Cindy Ruth, Congratulations on your new blog! What a great start and lovely, enticing photo. I’ll be following your future entries.

  2. Cindy,
    My mouth is watering. You’re not making it any easier for us to be away–we miss AK and your home-cooked meals! Is there such thing as cyber sampling?? And is there any musk ox on the menu?
    Your blog is great.

  3. No musk ox Elly-I don’t have you giving me any of the exotic meats! I still have some caribou roasts in the freezer-maybe I can finally find a recipe that I can make where they’re not so dry.

  4. Great site Cindy! Just what we need in Alaska to spark creativity and cater to the “chef” in all of us. A good place to share stories of Alaskan fare and preparations of our vast and wonderful food resources we have here.
    Jeff Sandys

  5. You’ve come a long way since schlepping ice cream at “Svensons”. I still remember some of the dinners Denise and I had with you guys (I already copied a couple of your recipes). We still miss you here in the Ozarks and now that we know where to find you’ll we’ll stop in once in a while.
    Tell your “Husband” Hi and drop me a line sometime.

  6. HI there, I just stubbled on to your bog and had to be sure you knew what to do with all those little papers from the amoretto cookies! Take one paper, roll into a little open tube that will stand up on a cookie sheet. light the top edge of the paper on fire with a match- be patient, the paper will float up into the air as it burns in a bright blue green flame. At my house, we do this on New Years Eve, birthdays, etc. We call it hte Specticale and make wishes as the papers burn. you can have guests write wishes on the papers before burning. I hope you try it- a shame to waste the papers!! See the film “The Big Night” Robin

  7. Cindy:
    It’s very nice to read your blog. Your description of your day in Juneau almost exactly matches what I used to do while there. I would do my work, but try to make time to drive out to the Mendenhall Glacier and take it in. I also really miss summer bike rides along the Coastal Trail.
    Keep up the wonderful blog!

  8. Hello from North Weat Ireland. A little place called Sligo. I came across your blog to-day and I just could not believe it. Its wonderful. I have writters cramp, from writting all my favourate recipes. Thank you very much. I had a great day. Now all I have to do is cook them. I will enjoy doing that and my husband and children will enjoy eating them.

  9. I found your blog while looking for Moose’s Tooth pizza dough and saw a question asking about it on a blog post about a pizza crust challenge. I found no answer and was wondering if, indeed, you know the recipe for this amazing dough.
    Viki (Indiana)
    Vicki-I don’t know their dough recipe. Sorry.